About Prismatic Pages

Prismatic Pages aims to bring a carefully curated selection of eclectic books to the English-reading community in Oslo. This rotating collection of used and new books spans various genres and interests, ensuring there's something for everyone.

And who's behind it all? It's me, Indigo!

I moved to Oslo first in 2014 from the U.S., and have made this city my home. But the one thing that's missing is a good, English-language bookstore, where you can find something new or used, recommended with confidence.

So, I decided to create what I envisioned.

At my cozy store in Rathkes gate 7b you’ll find books that I can either personally recommend or have it on good authority are worth checking out.

I know together we’re going to find so many new favorite reads.

Books for credit program - currently on hiatus!

Many people ask us where we get our used books, and the answer is mostly from our wonderful customers! We have a donation for credit program where you can bring books to the store, we evaluate them, and if they are ones we can sell then you get 25% in store credit of what we hope to sell them for.

However, the program was so wildly popular that we now have a backlog of several thousand books! We are currently working through those stacks as fast as we can, but that means donations are on pause until further notice.

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Prismatic principles

We carefully curate our collection of English-language books to offer a unique and interesting selection for readers of all ages.

Community Engagement

We believe in fostering a community of book lovers by organizing events like book swaps, book clubs, and more.


The books you find at Prismatic Pages should show you a different perspective than the usual bestsellers (though there are a few of those mixed in as well).