Author conversation with Beate Triantafilidis, on chronic illness, social media, and more

Welcome to an author conversation at Prismatic Pages with Beate Triantafilidis on her book "Bird Hits Glass", chronic illness, navigating the medical system, and social media influence.

Working at a high-powered consultancy in London, Grace relishes having an outlet for her relentless ambition. When her young body collapses in invisible pains, she becomes desperate for answers – but the doctors can’t find anything wrong.

As time stretches out and her body still confines her to bed, she relies on social media and visits from her adventurous boyfriend Matt and fiercely competitive best friend Jas to connect her to the outside world. But as persistent physical pains continue to engulf her, her relationships start to fray.

The evening will start with Beate in conversation with Indigo Trigg-Hauger, owner of Prismatic Pages, followed by mingling.

Beate Triantafilidis lives in Oslo, Norway. She has previously lived in the UK for over a decade, as well as in the US. Her non-fiction writing on sustainability issues has been published in a range of industry publications. ‘Bird Hits Glass’ (2022) is her first novel.

When: 30 May, 18.00-19.30

Where: Rathkes gate 7b, 0558 Oslo